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The Limited Company ECOVÍZ KFT was established by DMRV ZRT. ( Waterworks along the Danube) and WEDECO GmbH (Germany) in order to design, manufacture and maintain Eco-friendly conventional and high-tech equipments for water disinfection and measuring technology.

After that WEDECO AG. was purchased by the U.S. (ITT Water & Wastewater) , the opportunity offered for the workers of our company to obtain the major business shares. Today the company ECOVÍZ belongs to hungarian private persons and domestic associations.

The range of ECOVÍZ KFT activities expand with wide experience to the production, distribution of water disinfection units, to the renovation, calibration and accreditation of all type water meters and to the fabrication of various INOX parts for the Ulraviolet reactor casings utilized for Drinking- and Wastewater treatment.

We provide inland and abroad, comprehensive service, maintenance and support for the sold equipments.

Our East-european and Asian distribution network (5Countries, 8Partners) and our extended hungarian clientele retrospective on two decades verifies, that thanks to our qualitative work and products, we have gained the recognition of our domestic and foreign clients.

For drinking water and wastewater sector, we are manufacturing the frequently applicated, and rightly popular ADVANCE 200 type chlorinators with all the accessoires and self-developed electronic modules. Besides these, Chloride dioxide generators and Sodium Hypochlorite dosing units are complementing our range of products on offer.

As an exclusive distributor of WEDECO (ITT Water & Wastewater) products in Hungary, we have thorough knowledge and technical expertise in the state of art, chemical free UV and Ozone technologies.

Our service is offered for repairing, renovating and verifying water meters for warm- or cold-water applications. In our own Water-Meter Laboratory, which was designed to meet the international O.I.M.L. recommendations, we are also accrediting these instruments from Ø13 up to 300mm inner diameter.

48 of our colleges perform the tasks stemming from the Ltd. Scope of activities, whose hard work enables the 20 year-long profitable presence in the market.

We consider the protection of our fragile environment for an issue with emphasized significance and for a challenge, that require all of us even more responsibility in the future.

Based on our longstanding experience and our skilled, reliable professionals, we are your competent partner in environmental technology.

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